Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in inviting me to speak at your event.  I am humbled and honored to have you consider me as a speaker.  I’ve been speaking, preaching and ministering for more than thirty years.  I love sharing truths about God’s kingdom, covenant and spiritual freedom and seeing people experience deeper levels of healing than they’ve ever accomplished. It’s my goal to share refreshing and encouraging principles found in scripture that help to bring about deep spiritual, physical and emotional healing into the lives of people and lead them to discover the foundational truths that ultimately guide them to fulfill their complete God-given purpose in life.  

My areas of expertise are explaining how God’s kingdom works, how covenant applies to our lives and Christian faith and how to experience healing through lifestyle deliverance.  My passion is to teach people the key principles of faith that lead them to spiritual healing, living out their faith and walking daily in a deeper relationship with Jesus through practical application of the Sacraments through Biblical principles.  Below are some of my more popular and requested speaking topics.

My Conversion Story


From a Protestant Pastor to Faithful Catholic 


Join me as I share the journey of faith and discovery that led me from over 25 years of ministry, leadership and pastoral roles in protestant churches to my conversion to the Catholic faith.  Through powerful encounters, obedient prayers, and steps of faith I was welcomed into the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. My goal in sharing my own story is to inspire attendees to grow spiritually and discover the beauty of how our faith is more than just routine and practice, do’s and don’ is alive, it is relevant, and it is our source of healing abundant life.

The Great Exchange


A Practical Catholic Guide to Understanding and Applying Biblical Covenant 


In this talk I explain how covenant principles, balanced with the sacraments, unleash tremendous power within the personal, interior life.   

This teaching explains the legal framework of Christ and His Kingdom while revealing the weaknesses of the devil and concludes with a powerful understanding of how the Eucharist renews our covenant with Christ and opens us up to immediate and powerful personal benefits.

Lifestyle Deliverance


A Catholic’s Guide to Spiritual Healing and Living Out Your God-Given Purpose  

Are there struggles in your life that you can’t seem to shake?  Are there things that you wrestle with and you aren’t even really sure how they found place in your life in the first place?  There are certain ways that we open doors in our lives and invite these struggles in and we don’t even know we’re doing it.  In this talk, I share the five major doors that a Catholic can open to the enemy and then I give them steps for how to systematically walk through the interior of their hearts, kick the enemy out, close the doors and lock them tight.  By understanding biblical Catholic teaching, doctrine, tradition and sacraments, participants can unfold the unique purpose for which they were created.  This teaching is intimately personal, helping people to uncover wounds in need of healing and transformation.  This talk focuses on the God-given purpose that every person was destined to fulfill, while also addressing the evil plan of the enemy to rob them of their full potential.  Listeners are navigated through a step-by-step guide to understanding the biblical principles that govern their destiny and how to take back their dominion and personal authority.

How Do I Hear God?


How to Listen to God in Prayer   

Do you want to go deeper in your prayer life?  Do you sometimes hear people say things like, “the Lord spoke to me” and wonder what they mean and how they know God was speaking to them?  In this talk, I teach and walk each person through a systematic method for how to listen to God and know it’s Him.  Both Our Father’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom are speaking and vying for our attention everyday.  This guide helps you to distinguish which kingdom you are listening to and how to give God control of the conversation .  By combining the sacrament of Reconciliation and personal prayer, this is a useful tool for Catholic desiring to learn practical steps for starting the conversation with Jesus, go deeper, find direction, hear His voice.

Forgive to Heal


Discovering Freedom and Healing Through Forgiveness  

Everyone knows that we are supposed to forgive, but very few know how.  Furthermore, because of common misconceptions about what forgiveness is, some people simply don’t want to or don’t think it’s really possible.  However, forgiveness is actually a major biblical key to unlocking our own personal healing and power.  Covering four major areas of forgiveness, this discussion takes people deeper into examining the conversation between Peter and Jesus in Matthew know, the famous “seventy times seven” discussion?  Listeners are guided to use the true meaning of this scripture as a lens through which to look at the relationships in their lives and untangle the mess of hurt and pain, sometimes even in places they didn’t know it existed. By starting in the shallow end of the forgiveness pool and progressively going deeper, people are led to a profound well of understanding and walking in true forgiveness that brings about a meaningful change of heart, restored hope and powerful healing.  When combined with the sacrament of Reconciliation, individuals can find genuine life-giving spiritual and practical transformation.

Dominion Here and Now


Created to Rule, Destined for Destiny  

Dive into scriptures in Genesis that tell us how God created us to rule in this life.  In this talk, I lead participants to discover their own personal areas of dominion, uncover where and how it may have been stolen from them, and understand how to take it back so they can live out their complete, God-given purpose and destiny.   

Genesis is practical for today’s living and helps us to examine the question, “Is Jesus Your Lord?”   Discovering personal purpose helps us to answer this seemingly pious question might be, “Yes!  Of course, He is!”  But a deeper look at what exactly is being asked here can help participants discover their personal uniqueness, identify any obstacles to their fulfilled destiny and help them gracefully examine how their everyday choices form their honest response to the question, “Is Jesus your Lord?” 

Meet Their Needs


Meeting the Mandate for Evangelization 

In this talk, I share the powerful principles of Servant Leadership that can transform your community.  This is a practical step-by-step discovery of how to discover and move into a community outreach for your parish.  

This talk examines the principles of Jesus as he taught them the how too’s of evangelization.  I share personal stories of how I began a community outreach that grew statewide.  Due to its effectiveness the Governor and First Lady asked me to partner with them to spread these strategies across the state to other communities.  Less than three years later the outreach was feeding over 800 family, distributing thousands of books, and giving away over a million pounds of food, in my community.   

This teaching is inspirational and filled with stories that are practical for any parish looking to make a difference.

Other Topics


Other Topics Include: 

  • Assembling Your Team:  A guide to assembling a team of saints to pray for you .
  • Thy Kingdom Come:  Discover what it means to declare "Your kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  • The Great Exchange: Human Sexuality:   Applying Biblical Covenant Principles to the Personal Area of Human Sexuality