What is Discipleship Deliverance?

 "Discipleship Deliverance" is a life coaching process, created to help people unpack their stories.  The process guides the client to be able to identify who their enemy is, how the enemy has entangled them and how to reclaim those areas of potential that have been stolen or thwarted along life's journey.  

Discipleship Deliverance is based on biblical principles and Church teachings  that lead the individual to examine their own life, physically, emotionally and most of all, spiritually.  Starting with a foundational teaching on forgiveness from Matthew 18, clients learn the four main areas needed to forgive and how to apply them to their own life.  

Over thirty years of experience has revealed that when a person authentically forgives and completes this process, many times it brings about physical and emotional healing as well as clarity of direction in life; things that are much needed for the body of Christ and the world! 

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I want to personally invite you to reach out to engage in this life changing that will unlock your purpose and destiny.  

Discipleship Deliverance