It's time to get unstuck!

We all know what it's like to feel stuck, frustrated, or defeated! Now you can learn how to experience mercy, find freedom and move forward to live the life God designed for you!

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One Life-Changing Process...
Three Ways to Experience It!

Master Class Workshop

The Discipleship Deliverance Master Class Workshop is an 8-week online, interactive experience, designed to equip you with sound Biblical principles of spiritual healing, growth, and deliverance that help you get unstuck and move forward!

The workshop  is all of the learning material of the self-paced course, combined with a weekly live group workshop to help you go deeper in applying the principles to your own  unique story.

Self-Paced Online Course

The Discipleship Deliverance Self-Paced Course is a multi-session online course, designed to help you understand the Biblical ministry of deliverance and healing.

The content will be presented through videos and written materials, specifically created to help you recognize the purpose for which God designed you, and how to defend that purpose from the attacks of the enemy. 

Launching February 22,  2023! 

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One-on-One Personal Coaching 

Discipleship Deliverance Personal Coaching digs deeper into your unique story. In this one-on-one coaching experience, Whole Catholic Founder Jansen Bagwell will personally guide you through a process of spiritual healing and renewal; leading you to a deeper, more profound, personal relationship with Christ than ever before!

*The Discipleship Deliverance Master Class (either self-paced or workshop)  is a pre-requisite for Personal Coaching.

Experience Healing for Your Spirit, Mind, and Body

"Before I started with this ministry I battled lifelong anxiety and fear. I developed a variety of physical health problems in adulthood including a food allergy syndrome so severe I was unable even to eat. I sought help from a variety of doctors, as well as healing and deliverance prayers, only for my problems to persist. Through Discipleship Deliverance, I found healing and freedom that was unimaginable!"

- M.M., Daughter, Bride, Mother, Catholic Writer

Pre-Order the AL L NEW Self-Paced Course!