"I began to see drastic improvements."

I began seeing Jansen because I was experiencing some disconnect in my life. I never was able to quite put my finger on it, but had some deep rooted problems with anxiety and fear that were buried deep inside of me. Jansen helped me discover this due to some childhood traumas that I had experienced.

After just two sessions, I was sleeping better and feeling more peace and joy. After the third session, I began to see drastic improvements in my relationship with God, my marriage, self esteem, my relationship with my children, and my career. Everything in my life just seemed to be getting better. Even my finances! 

Discipleship Deliverance truly changed my life. This process allowed me to unlock God's purpose and destiny for me. Everything that blocked me from receiving the fullness of God's grace and love has been removed. Now I can live in the freedom of Christ's love. This allows me to live the life that God has planned for me. I'm truly grateful that the Lord heard my prayers and allowed a deep healing to take place in me- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

S.S.- Catholic Wife, Mother, and Registered Nurse

“I can finally sleep through the night.”

After years of going to counselors that got me to a place of “good enough,” I knew I was still missing something—I still struggled with anxiety and depression.  After meeting with Jansen and learning the principles of God’s Kingdom from him I can truly say my life has completely changed.  I no longer fear, or make decisions from a place of fear.  I used to suffer chronic upper back pain which I attributed to stress.  It is all completely gone now, as if the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.  I can finally sleep through the night.  Jansen helped me to see how my soul could be healed by God and how God could heal my emotions and even my physical body.  He was right.  I highly recommend Jansen to anyone who is struggling like I was.  He has been gifted with the knowledge and wisdom of God’s healing power.   

S. S.- Catholic writer, blogger, speaker and Adult Faith Coordinator

“The covenant of my own marriage came alive.”

I am from a small town in the heart of southern Louisiana.  My husband and I were co-speakers at an event that Jansen was also speaking at for the couples of St. Philip in Franklin, TN.  His talk on the covenant of marriage followed our talk, and focused on the covenants of marriage.  The way he described the covenants really blew me away.  I knew that marriage was sacred, and I understood the way the church spoke of covenant, but didn't really understand the links that God reveals to us if we just stop and pay attention. That night, Jansen explained what a covenant was, and linked it to what the covenant of marriage looks like. As he was speaking to us, I was so impressed how the covenant of my own marriage came alive.  It was such a beautiful revelation to myself and my husband of our understanding of what a marriage truly is supposed to look like.

K. B. - Daughter of God, Wife, and Mother. Catholic writer, Bereaved Parent Grief Support Ministry Founder of Red Bird Ministries, Inc

“I could feel the Holy Spirit.”

When I began seeing Jansen, I felt a heaviness about me and I felt distant from the Lord. No matter how much I prayed, I couldn’t seem to shake these things. Each week that I met with Jansen, I would feel myself getting lighter and lighter. I could feel the Holy Spirit making a huge change inside me. I would feel instantly brighter. 

The more I met with Jansen, the more Jesus showed himself to me. I was able to let go of resentments I wasn’t aware I had. My relationship with family and friends and my boyfriend have substantially improved. I am able to see the expectations I had put on other people were damaging my relationships.  These are all things the Lord revealed to Jansen. Despite years in therapy, it was in my church’s office in a small conference room that I felt the most healing. I am grateful for this opportunity I was given to rid myself of the evil that had been tormenting me my whole life. I did not have any idea what was wrong with me and why I wasn’t getting better. 

I look very forward to growing closer to the Lord and spending each day hearing Him speak to me. My life has a new significance to it. I am finally able to let go of the pressure I have put on myself regarding my career. This has been huge for me. I made a huge sacrifice regarding my work and I have been rewarded substantially by gaining a peace I did not know I was capable of having. I look so forward to seeing what else the Lord has in store for me!! 

A. C. - Christian Comedian