It's time to get UNstuck!

Are you tired of being stuck? Do you feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling and falling flat on the floor?

Enough is enough! 
It's time to RISE, TAKE, and GO!​

At Whole Catholic, we take the weird and scary out of deliverance ministry with a properly ordered, systematic and practical guide that helps you find the healing, freedom, and purpose you've been searching for.

Our goal is to equip you to answer the call of Jesus in Matthew 2:11 to "rise, take up your mat, and go" follow Jesus into the abundant life God has created you to live.

The Christian life is an adventure!
Let us help you learn how to navigate and live it well.

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Learn How to Pray for Spiritual Protection

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Faith and Life! 

"Through Discipleship Deliverance, I began to see myself through the eyes and heart of God, which then poured over into others. My mind and heart were transformed with boldness and courage to fully use the gifts and charisms that Jesus Christ destined me to use!"

-C.D. Catholic Husband, Father, and Businessman

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