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It's time to get UNstuck!

Are you tired of being stuck? Do you feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling and falling flat on the floor?​

At Whole Catholic, we take the weird and scary out of deliverance ministry with a properly ordered, systematic and practical guide that helps you find the healing, freedom, and purpose you've been searching for.

Our goal is to equip you to answer the call of Jesus in Matthew 2:11 to "rise, take up your mat, and go" follow Jesus into the abundant life God has created you to live.

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Learn How to Pray for Spiritual Protection

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Did you know...

...Only 17% of Catholics believe that the devil is real? 
That means 83% don't know who their REAL enemy is!

You can't win a battle you don't know you're fighting.

Most Common Obstacles to Living Out Your Faith

Can you relate to these struggles?


Do you struggle with knowing how to have a personal, intimate relationship with God? Do you feel overwhelmed by life and lonely in your struggles?


Do you struggle to see the connection between your faith and the rest of your life or wonder what terms like "deliverance", "freedom" or "set free" even mean?


Do you find yourself repeating the same sins and negative patterns over and over, and feel scared to approach God or even reach out to others for help?

I'm Here to Help

Jansen Bagwell
B.A. in Theology, M.A. in Counseling, M.S. in Religion, Spirituality & Health, and Certified Life Coach

Navigating the spiritual life is hard enough... understanding how it applies to your everyday life and decisions is sometimes even harder. Applying spiritual principles to your everyday life requires more than you get from just going to church on Sunday. It's a common struggle, but thankfully it has a clear solution. With over 35 years of ministry experience, I have developed a properly ordered, systematic, and practical guide for personal deliverance and spiritual growth that is grounded in scripture and the teachings of the church. You don't have to flounder around in the dark anymore! I've been where you are and I can help you find your way out of the overwhelm, confusion and fear.  I can help you get UNSTUCK!

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The Advantage of Discipleship

We've all heard about "deliverance" ministry and prayers, but sadly, there is very little catechesis on the principles of deliverance from a practical or even biblical perspective.

True deliverance is not a one-and-done experience. It's a lifestyle and it involves participation in the sacramental life of the church.

That's why we designed Discipleship Deliverance to help TEACH you the foundations of deliverance and then GUIDE you through the process to help you heal, find freedom, and live the life you were created to live.

We don't just tell you WHAT to pray, but we show you WHY and HOW to apply deliverance principles and prayers to your story, so you can take back your dominion and release your charisms for the glory of God!

Learn what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when it comes to prayer and spiritual warfare.

Discover proven strategies to instantly improve your faith life with SIMPLE spiritual practices.

Master the practice of TRUE FORGIVENESS and learn why it's the KEY to unlocking your own spiritual growth.

Become the person GOD CREATED YOU TO BE by understanding your purpose and role in all of salvation history.

BREAK FREE from repeating patterns of sin and negativity.

Experience fulfillment in your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ.

Finally ENJOY practicing your faith and sharing it with others!

Deliverance is for Everyone!

Take back the reigns of your spiritual health!

Physical Health
For your physical health, you can go to the doctor or seek the proper treatment.

Mental Health
For your mental health, you can talk with a counselor or therapist.

Spiritual Health
Deliverance can help you to develop and maintain a healthy spirit!

How Does it Work?


First Step

Complete the Course or Workshop

Our signature Discipleship Deliverance Course is offered as a self-paced online video course or in one of our live online course workshops. You choose how you want to learn.


Enroll in Group or Personal Coaching

After the course, you can continue your journey with Discipleship Deliverance Coaching. Our coaching options include both group and one-on-one coaching. You choose your style of mentorship!

And then, 

Become An Ambassador

Become a Whole Catholic Ambassador to stay connected with us, continue your own personal journey with the support of our monthly newsletter and resources, and learn how to share the ministry of deliverance with others!

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What Our Client & Participants Are Saying

"Through Discipleship Deliverance, I began to see myself through the eyes and heart of God, which then poured over into others. My mind and heart were transformed with boldness and courage to fully use the gifts and charisms that Jesus Christ destined me to use!"


Catholic Husband, Father, and Businessman

"After years of going to counselors that got me to a place of "good enough," I knew something was still missing. Before I started with this ministry I battled lifelong anxiety and fear. I developed a variety of physical health problems in adulthood including a food allergy syndrome so severe I was unable even to eat. I sought help from a variety of doctors, as well as healing and deliverance prayers, only for my problems to persist. Through Discipleship Deliverance, I found healing and freedom that was unimaginable!  And I no longer make decisions from a place of fear."


Catholic Wife, Mother and Blog Writer

"The way Jansen described covenant really blew me away. I knew that marriage was sacred, and I understood the way the church spoke of covenant, but I didn't really understand the links that God reveals to us if we just stop and pay attention. I was so impressed how the covenant of my own marriage came alive. It was such a beautiful revelation to myself and my husband of our understanding of what a marriage truly is supposed to look like."


Wife, Mother, Catholic Writer, and Founder of Bereaved Parent Grief Support Ministry 

I began to see drastic Improvements!  After just two sessions, I was sleeping better, and feeling more peace and joy.  After the third session, I began to see drastic improvements in my relationship with God, my spouse, and my children.  I saw improvements in my self-esteem, my career, and even my finances!  Everything in my life just seemed to get better!


Catholic Wife, Mother and Nurse

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